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6 minutes to London

Best for Central, Kensington,
Chelsea and Mayfair

Best for City of London,
Canary Wharf, O2 and Excel

الأفضل للوصول إلى وسط لندن وكنسينجتون وتشيلسيي ومايفير

الأفضل للوصول إلى مدينة لندن، وكناري وارف، وأو تو، وإكسل

Our Service

The London Heli Shuttle service team are focused on ensuring customers transit through London Biggin Hill to and from The London Heliport in just 6 minutes. This is the quickest transfer time from any London airport and has the potential to shave up to two hours a day against the ground transfer return journey time.


The London Heli Shuttle is an exclusive service operated by Castle Air, with its dedicated London Biggin Hill based fleet of six-seater AgustaWestland 109’s helicopters. Critically having a large based fleet of helicopters provides reassurance and certainty to potential customers that all booking requests will be met and will be provided at a fixed price of £2,300 (+ VAT). Another significant benefit of having a dedicated based fleet is that it affords potential customers total flexibility in that they may request very short notice transfer flights, knowing they will be in the heart of London in a matter of a few minutes.

With over 30 years of helicopter service experience, London Biggin Hill Airport based Castle Air provide an unparalleled level of quality and service. One of the largest AugustaWestland dealers in the world, Castle Air has its own fleet of luxury fitted six-seater AW.109’s exclusively dedicated to the London Heli Shuttle service.

Lloyds imageThe London Heli Shuttle will primarily serve The London Heliport at Battersea as well as the Vanguard Helipad near Canary Wharf. Included in the fixed price is complimentary door-to-door chauffeured car service provided by Lloyds of Bromley, to the clients final destination in London, be it home, business or hotel. Lloyds of Bromley chauffeurs have been providing superlative quality, corporate services for many years and are recognised for discrete, professional, reliable, efficient and extensive prestige chauffer driven car hire services.


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